Boys Middle School Basketball · Chickasaw Middle School boys dominant in 2017-18

2017-18 Tournament Champions (14-0)


A proclamation from a year ago came to fruition for a talented group at Chickasaw Middle School. In 2017-18 they would lose no games. They would build for the future. They would leave the competition behind with compelling victories while being humble and showing great sportsmanship. A majority of the team are 8th graders, holdovers from last year’s team that failed to win a tournament game for the first time. Led by point guard Dorian Webb the young Chieftains were nothing short of perfection against its opponents.

How good is this class? Good enough for the varsity coach to take on the task of molding this group into a real contender. A contender for a state title? That’s right. The potential is there. The numbers are there. Chickasaw High School basketball will soon be a force in Coastal Alabama. This 2022 class will be the new standard sooner than later on the hoops seen. What is scary about this bunch? There are more secret ingredients that remain to be seen. Consider this. 14-0 and small division champions were a given. A late season match-up with large division champion UMS-Wright didn’t materialize due to uncharacteric snow in the Mobile area. This Chickasaw team is 20 pts better than a Bulldogs squad that fell to Pilans by 15 points in a Christmas tournament during the holiday break.

The 2022 class is full of potential. But perhaps one of the crowns of the team is 2023 SG Haaziq Lofton, Jr. Averaging 16 ppg in middle school is expected when you’re a top athlete. Loftin, Jr. could average over 30 a game if needed. He delivered in crunch time, which was rarely needed, and cruised to tournament MVP honors in a lopsided defeat of St. Luke’s in the championship game. Several players showed why this group will be a dangerous bunch when they suit up for varsity in the next few seasons. PG Doran Webb showed poise and command while improving his jump shot and ability to get to the rim. The lefty will only get better as he already played in a limitied amount of junior varsity games with his backcourt partner Loftin, Jr. Demarion Hicks and Gregory Watkins helped anchor the front court as they were match up nightmares for opponents. The duo grabbed an estimated 60% of the team’s rebounds. Every good team has solid players at most position. What’s scary for opponents of this group is the bench players could start at other schools, middle school-wise. D’Anthony Torrey, Joseph Timmons, and the late emergence of Leonard Gwinn gives this team a solid and capable bench. And we still haven’t mentioned that this is a group beyond these players who is considerably deep. The unknown isn’t how this group will handle their ninth and eigth grade seasons. It is how long this group can stay together. If they are here in 2020, look out Mobile, look out Alabama. Check out some of the stats below:

Points per game leaders:

Haaziq Loftin, Jr. – 16.7

Demarion Hicks – 11.2

Doran Webb – 9.8

Assists per game leaders:

Haaziq Lifton, Jr. 5.7

Doran Webb – 4.8

Demarion Hicks – 3.2

Rebounds per game leaders:

Demarion Hicks – 14.3

Gregory Watkins – 11.0

Leonard Gwinn – 8.8

7th grader Haaziq Loftin, Jr
Demarion Hicks, All-Tournament team